Do I need an appointment for an estimate?

Yes, we do schedule all of our estimates.  It is the easiest way to guarantee an estimator will be available.  Normally estimates take around 30 – 60 minutes to complete depending on the level of damage.  The goal we have for any estimate is to provide the groundwork in which repairs can begin and ensure your vehicle proceeds through the repair process smoothly.  (412) 823-7800 to schedule an estimate.

How will I know if my insurance company will cover repairs to my car?

Every car insurance policy is different and is unique to your coverage needs.  At Johnny Mock’s Auto Body Shop one of our estimators will discuss these differences with you when you come in for your initial estimate.  Note that unrelated prior damages (UP Damages) are not covered, or may possibly be covered with an additional deductible.

Can you communicate with my insurance company to work out the details?

Absolutely!  We take care of the estimate and notify you when the vehicle can begin the repair process.  Most times, the insurance company will pay us directly so you don’t have to worry about payment.  You will likely have to pay a deductible depending on your insurance contract.

What is the deductible?

The deductible is the amount of money you agreed to pay, as part of your insurance contract, before the insurance company starts to pay on repairs to your vehicle.  If you have a $200 deductible, and your vehicle damages are $500, your insurance company will pay $300.  You are responsible for the first $200.

Do you perform wheel alignments and suspension damage diagnosis?

We utilize the Hunter HawkEye Elite™ Alignment System.  This system uses four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip™ adaptors. QuickGrip adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rim damage.

While previous alignment setups wasted valuable time, Hunter’s HawkEye Elite™ can now present results in just 90 seconds!

What type of parts will be used in the repair of my vehicle?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts can be used for repairs, or, your insurance company may recommend the use of alternative parts. Alternative or Recycled parts, referred to as LKQ (Like Kind and Quality) are remanufactured parts that are repaired by a qualified recycle facility and returned to replacement parts quality. After Market parts are manufactured by someone other than the original vehicle maker. When these parts are being used for car repairs, make sure to ask if the parts are Certified Insurance Quality. This will ensure that you are receiving a high quality replacement part.

It is the shops responsibility to make sure that only High Quality Certified Parts are being used. At Johnny Mock’s, your estimator will review and verify all parts needed and decide which parts are available and cost most effective. You and your insurance company will be kept informed of which parts are being used to repair your vehicle.

How can I check on the status of my car repair?

When you bring your car to us, you will discuss with your estimator or a customer service representative your notification preferences. We can keep you updated by phone, email or text through Update Plus.

Will you be able to achieve a perfect color match on my vehicle?

Yes.  Along with the damaged panels of your vehicle, the adjacent panels of the repair area are also prepared for refinishing.  The repair area receives a base coat color and, as it is being applied, the color is blended into the adjacent panels.  After painting, the first layer of clear coat is applied only to the repair area.  After proper dry time, the clear coat is applied to the repaired portion and the entire adjacent panels.  This procedure assures an undetectable repair every time, and is the recommended repair method by most vehicle manufacturers.

Can my car be repaired if there is damage to the frame?

Yes, the car is repairable even if the frame is damaged.  The only time we consider a car a total loss is when the cost of the repairs exceeds what your insurance company determines is the value of the car.  With the technology available today our technicians are able to restore your vehicle back to its factory specifications with the help of our computer measuring systems.  Johnny Mock’s Auto Body utilizes the Car-O-Liner alignment system.  The world’s most advanced alignment system for greater repair precision.

What is a baking booth?

While many auto repair facilities will paint automobiles in the open, Johnny Mock’s Auto Body Shop has invested in an environmentally friendly, state of the art baking booth.  A baking booth allows us to paint your car in a safely contained atmosphere, under controlled conditions.  Visitors to our shop are surprised when they do not smell paint fumes.  It’s very important to us that we are as environmentally friendly as possible.  After prep, all vehicles are moved into the baking booth where the painting takes place.  After the paint and clear coat are applied, the temperature is brought up to bake the finish.  This allows us to finish your car in less time and as close to a factory finish as possible.

Do I need to be extra careful with my car immediately after the repair?

The first sixty days are the most critical for a long lasting durable finish. Commercial car washes should be avoided during this time. Wash your vehicle with cool water using a very mild household detergent. Wash your vehicle in the shade, not in the hot sun and dry with a soft towel. Gravel roads should be avoided and DO NOT WAX OR POLISH for the first sixty days.

Is there a warranty on the repairs performed at Johnny Mock’s Auto Body Shop?

Absolutely.  You receive a lifetime warranty on the refinish/paint work done on your vehicle, as long as you own the vehicle.  The warranty covers peeling, cracking, crazing, extensive loss of gloss, color fading, chalking and blistering.  We are not aware of any automotive manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on their paint finishes.