Wheel Alignment & Suspension Repair at Johnny Mock’s Auto Body Shop

We offer some of the most technologically advanced suspension and wheel alignment repair in Pittsburgh. Many car owners may have a difficult time recognizing the signs that indicate a problem with their suspension or wheel alignment.  Here are a few key areas to keep in mind that may indicate if you are having problems with your suspension and wheel alignment.

Suspension Repair

Your vehicle’s suspension system is the foundation of its structural support. The suspension system is a critical component to your vehicle’s overall ride comfort and safety.

If parts of your vehicle’s suspension system are weakening or malfunctioning, you will start to feel every bump in the road while you drive. The car will feel as if it is harder to steer or control. Unusual shakes or vibrations may be noticed and tires may wear prematurely.

If you notice any of these signs of bad suspension, it’s important to contact Johnny Mock’s Auto Body for an appointment to look for potential issues with your vehicle’s suspension system.

Wheel Alignment Repair

Is your steering wheel vibrating as you drive? Does it feel like your car is pulling to one side while driving on a straight-away road? Does it seem like your tires are wearing out way too fast?

These issues suggest a problem with your wheel alignment system. These problems may surface following a seemingly minor accident or a small incident like hitting a curb or pothole.

Our experts can assess your vehicle’s alignment and repair any issues quicker than ever before thanks to advances in technology.  Johnny Mock’s Auto Body Shop is proud to be one of the few facilities utilizing the Hawkeye Elite Wheel Alignment System in the Pittsburgh area.

What Is the Hawkeye Elite Alignment System?

At Johnny Mock’s Auto Body Shop, we use the Hunter Engineering Company’s  Hawkeye Elite computerized tire alignment system to provide the most accurate and efficient auto alignment in the region. This technology is unrivaled and lets us quickly and accurately assess your vehicle’s alignment.

Hawkeye Elite Wheel Alignment System at Pittsburgh's Johnny Mock's Auto BodyThe HawkEye Elite system uses QuickGrip™ adapters that fit to the tire’s tread. This spares any metal on metal contact and reduces the likelihood of potential damage to your car’s wheels or expensive rims.

Additionally, this ultramodern computerized system links four high resolution cameras to the four wheel sensors for a unique 3D view of your car’s alignment.

Hunter’s award-winning CodeLink system recalibrates the Steering Angle Sensor to ensure proper Electronic Stability Control functions for maximum vehicle safety and stability.

From there, our tire alignment specialists review a computerized print out of the findings.  Areas of concern will be pointed out to you and we will begin the process of bringing your vehicle’s tire alignment back to manufacturer settings.

What To Expect After Car Alignment Service

The benefits of suspension and alignment repair are optimal vehicle performance, maximum tire life, improved gas mileage, and maximum traction for better stability, improved safety, and a much smoother, more comfortable, and less bumpy ride.

The precision of the Hunter Hawkeye Elite tire alignment is second to none.  This advanced technology allows us to check your vehicle’s alignment in roughly 90 seconds.  We can quickly locate any alignment issue, restore your alignment back to factory specifications, and safely get you back on the road.